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Our 5-Course Tasting Menu 


“Cheese and onion”

Beetroot, stracciatella, local olive oil

Fennel and onion seed milk bread, ‘the dirty butter after toast’

Raviolo, prawn, wild salmon roe, katsuobushi 

Monkfish, mussels, butternut squash, roasted fish bone sauce  



Aged duck, alliums, amaranth, last year’s chive capers, onion & fermented berry jus

54% Single Estate chocolate, miso caramel, whisky, shortbread



We are proud to offer our patrons the freshest produce from Zgamardi Gardens in Siggiewi. Our partnership with Zgamardi Gardens ensures that our patrons enjoy the best of what the local market has to offer. Our produce is  is grown using sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices.



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